Trump Protest Cancelled

It appears that Trump will not be coming and certainly not today.  The protests for Today (Thursday 23/06/2016) are cancelled.

#TrumpNotWelcome Press Conference today at 1pm

Press Notice: #TrumpNotWelcome

Campaigners opposed to potential Trump visit to Ireland to hold press conference today

1pm Buswell's Hotel today (Wednesday), 22 June

Campaigners in the #TrumpNotWelcome campaign opposed to the potential visit of presumptive Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump will hold a press conference today at 1pm in Buswell's Hotel to announce details of a protest should there be an announcement of a visit by Trump to Ireland at the last minute during his trip to the UK.

What You Can Do To Stop Donald Trump

The IAWM wishes to express Solidarity with the 49 murder victims in Orlando and their friends and families.  There can be no justifications for hate crimes like this.

Donald Trump will be coming to Ireland on 24th and 25th of June 2016, because the details of the Trump visit are not fully known a number of events are planned to oppose Trump. These details are subject to CHANGE so please monitor the Irish Anti-War Movement website and Facebook page.

Thursday 23rd June

18:00 - Dublin - The GPO O’Connell Street Dublin - Trump Not Welcome Rally.
18:00 - Clare - Protest in Ennis organised by Green Party and Clare AAA

Friday 24th June

10:00 - Bus to Leaving Liberty Hall in Dublin
13:00 - Bus will meet up with Shannonwatch to protest at Shannon.
15:00 - Protest will go to Doonbeg

Book the Bus from Dublin

The links below allow you to book the bus from Dublin to Shannon and Doonbeg.

Note: You must book the bus before 23:59 on Wednesday 22/06/2016

Waged 12.00

Unwaged 6.00

Please try to attend some of these events and share them with your friends and family.


Phil Ochs - Here’s an Article for Those Who are Gone

On many Anti-War marches you will hear “Draft Dodger Rag” a sarcastic song about people who supported the Vietnam War but didn’t want to fight it.  “Someone must go over there and that someone is not me”.   The man who wrote that song was Phil Ochs and he was certainly not just a one song wonder.  "Ochs was one of the finest singer/songwriters and political commentators of his time. "  Tom Paxton.



Ochs was born 17th December 1940 into a country which was at war and where racial segregation was still an accepted fact of life in most of the US.  The Ochs family was not political and only when he went to college did Phil become political. 

By the late 1950’s the US was undergoing social change all across college campuses students were starting to question the ideas that governed their lives.  In Ohio State University Jim Glover was the son of a political activist and he was Phil’s room-mate.  Ochs was studying journalism at the time.   His politics and music was formed by his interactions with Jim and Jim's father.  Ochs own father suffered from bi-polar disorder and they were not close.  After the he was turned down for the job of editor of the college newspaper  because of his political views.  He dropped out of college and fallowed his other passion music.

There was a folk music revival at the time Bob Dylan was undoubtedly the most successful of these.  The most famous protest of the song is probably “Blowing in the Wind”.  However if Dylan was the voice of the 1960’s generation (Dylan has always denied this), Ochs was the heart of it. 

Irish Anti-War Picket at NATO ships in Dublin

03/04/2016 - 16:30
03/04/2016 - 17:45

Irish Anti-War Picket at NATO ships in Dublin

Sunday 3rd April 2016 | 16:30
Location: East-link Bridge

Six NATO warships are being berthed in Dublin this weekend and are open to viewing by the public. They are part of the 'enhanced readiness NATO Reaction Force'.

The Irish Anti-War Movement regards this as insidious pro-militarist propaganda which contributes to the ongoing undermining of Irish neutrality.

We are calling an emergency protest picket

This Sunday , 3 April at 4.30pm on the Quays at the East-Link Bridge.

We say:
Defend Irish Neutrality!
Keep Dublin port war-free!
Welcome refugees, not warships!

All welcome!

Facebook Event Page:


IAWM Press Release, 22 March 2016


The IAWM condemns the terrorist attacks in Brussels today that have left 31 people dead and many more injured and traumatised. We extend our sympathy to the victims relatives and solidarity to the Belgium people.

As with the attacks in Paris last November, and indeed other terror attacks since then that have not witnessed the same level of media interest, we believe it is necessary to break out of the vicious cycle of war, terrorism and more war and more terrorism - in which we have become locked. Security for ordinary citizens is important but we have to analysis why young men are willing to blow themselves up in crowds of people and why the world is now such a more dangerous place than after 9/11.

Jim Roche, IAWM PRO, who was on route to Brussels before the flight was diverted to Amsterdam, said:

“Despite what many will claim, these attacks are ultimately a response to the perpetual warfare waged by western powers in many middle-eastern countries. These last 14 years have seen wars on and in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Palestine and elsewhere, most of these instigated by western powers often with the clarion call of defeating terrorism. Yet, predictably the terrorist attacks have got worse. The best way to stop these terror attacks is to stop making wars in, and selling armaments to, the Middle East and to sincerely help those refugees fleeing such conflicts. Western Governments need to invest in peacemaking instead of war mongering and promoting zenophobic bartering deals over refugees.”


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