Mozzam Begg - My Imprisonment in Guantanamo Bay, Bagram & Kandahar

Moazzam Begg is an ordinary man who has endured an extraordinary fate, he was imprisoned in Khadahar, Bagram airbase (Afganistan) & the worlds most infamous prison Guantanamo Bay where he was abused & tortured mercilessly for a crime he never committed and released without charges by the USA without any apology. Listen to his story next week as he travels for the 1st time across Ireland.

Speaker Details:

Galway - 6pm Monday 8th November, 6pm @ Martin Ryan Institute Annex Lecture theatre 201, NUIG
2nd speaker Dr. Kathleen Cavanaugh (Lecturer & LLM Director Irish Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, NUIG)

Cork - Tuesday 9th November, 6pm @ Room C_LL_4 (392) - Boole 4, UCC

Dublin - Wednesday 10th November, 7pm @ Astra Hall, Students Centre, UCD

Dublin - Thursday 11th November, 7pm @ Johnathan Swift Lecture Theatre, Arts Block, Trinity College Dublin

2nd Speaker @ UCD & TCD (TBC): Richard Boyd Barrett [Councillor of Dún Laoghaire Rathdown, Chair Irish Anti-War Movement]

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