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GALWAY: Liam Mellows to don orange boiler suit to mark 6th anniversary of Guantanamo & use of Shannon by CIA torture flights






The Galway Alliance Against War is once again in the eye of a political storm in the city after it has announced that Liam Mellows statue in Eyre Sq will be dressed in an orange boiler suit this Saturday, 26th January, at 1.30pm to mark both the 6th anniversary of the opening of the US Guantanamo prison camp and the use of Shannon airport by CIA special rendition flights. A former Guantanamo inmate has been invited from Britain to address the open-air public meeting.

The local Palestinian solidarity group will also contribute to the event with a speaker as well as music and song. It is concerned at the silence by the Irish government and RTE on the crisis in Gaza, where 40 people, including women and children, have been slain by the Israeli armed forces in the last week.

According to Niall Farrell, GAAW s spokesperson, the group expects criticism from the usual quarters . However, he states: Liam Mellows fought the superpower of his day, England. If he were alive now he would oppose today s superpower and be on the side of the oppressed. He would have been against allowing a superpower to use Irish soil to wage war and carry out kidnapping and torture, as is the case with the use of Shannon airport today by the US forces.

Over the years Mellows statue has become a place of ritual where government ministers lay wreaths every Easter and make hypocritical speeches that would make poor Liam turn in his grave. We want to reclaim Liam Mellows the anti-imperialist and that is why he will don an orange boiler suit on Saturday, to highlight the macabre anniversary of CIA torture flights using Shannon airport on a regular basis travelling to Guantanamo or even worse. We also wish to express our solidarity with the poor Palestinian people of the Gaza who are being murdered with impunity by the Israeli army while our government and our national broadcaster, RTE, remain silent.

For further information: Niall Farrell 087-9159787 or 091-792297

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