International Women’s Day in Solidarity with the Women of Afghanistan

International Women’s Day

Tuesday March 8th

in Solidarity with the Women of Afghanistan

and in Mourning for the 20 Women & 29 Children recently killed by
NATO-led  forces,

Vigil outside the American Embassy, 42 Elgin Rd., Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

1pm to 3pm.

A letter to President Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama will be handed in,

welcoming them to Ireland for their intended visit in May,


he ends the occupation of Afghanistan

and the military occupation of our civilian airport at Shannon.

We shall also demand that women must be part of any negotiating team,

in accordance with UN Resolutions 1325 & 1820;

and that any money given must go to women’s groups and not to the warlords.

“The Afghan solution lies in the independent struggles of Afghan women
against the Taliban, Karzai, his war lords and the US military...
Nato occupation only reinforces their power...   As long as the
subjugation of women persists our society will not be able to take off
and move forward. The Americans spend one hundred millions a day in
Afghanistan for the war, international aid for reconstruction is 7
million dollars a day, the vast majority of it falls into corrupt
hands never reaching those who need it.”       Malalai Joya  (Afghan
MP, suspended from parliament for her attacks on the war lords.)

“Emancipation of women is not attainable as long as the occupation
lasts, and Taliban and the National Front Criminals are not sacked.”
  Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA).


RAWA       Shannon Watch

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