Market House, Monaghan Screening of Documentary Occupation 101 followed by discussion

05/02/2008 - 19:30

Tuesday 05, 7.00pm, Market House, Monaghan
Screening of Documentary ‘Occupation 101’ followed by discussion.
Gary Walshe (IPSC) and Richard Boyd Barrett, Chair IAWM
This multi-award winning film clarifies the fog of history that has enveloped the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It exposes the stark facts that gave rise to it and the continuing injustices that ensure it remains the world's longest running conflict. Anyone even moderately interested in the background and current situation in Palestine will find this a most informative chronology of events. Commentary from people intimately involved in the region offers a clear insight to the real obstacles preventing the emergence of a just and lasting peace. The hypocrisy of American support for Israel is exposed.