Savoy Cinema, O Connell St., Dublin 1. Screening of ‘BATTLE FOR HADITHA’

Saturday 23, 11.00am, Savoy Cinema, O Connell St., Dublin 1.
Screening of ‘BATTLE FOR HADITHA’ as part of Dublin International Film Festival. This is not an official IAWM event but all members of IAWM are invited to attend. The IAWM wil be leafletting the event outside.
Sinoposis; Iraq is front and centre in many films in recent years, none more so than this harrowing new work by documentarian Nick Broomfield. The film is a highly realistic, vérité-like fictional rendering of an incident that took place in the village of Haditha, a hotbed in the middle of the Sunni Triangle where much of the insurgency has taken place. In November 2005, a roadside IED (Improvised Explosive Device) killed one US Marine and wounded two others. Enraged fellow Marines exacted revenge by killing twenty-four Iraqis: men, women and children. Four Marines were subsequently charged with murder.
Other screenings of interest for anti war activists at the DIFF include;
Sat. 16 Feb. ‘Battle in Seattle’, Savoy 1, 11.00am. Documentary on events at 1999 WTO Seattle meeting.
Sun. 17 Feb., 8.30pm, Cineworld 5. ‘Katyn’; A. Wajda’s take on the killing of Polish officers by the Soviet Army in Katyn forest during WW2.
Sun. 17 Feb., 8.30pm, Screen 2. ‘Nightbus’; Iranian film on Iran/Iraq war.
Mon. 18 Feb., 2.00pm, Screen 1. ‘War on Democracy’; John Pilger examines global capitalism’s role in undermining popular second or third world democracies.
Tues. 19 Feb. ‘Redacted’, Movies @ Dundrum, 8.15pm. Brian de palma on Iraq war.
Sat. 23 Feb. ‘The Spy Who Came in from the Cold’, Smihfield Market/TBC; classic cold war film based on John le Carre’s novel with Smithfield Market as the stage set for the Berlin Wall.