WHERE WERE YOU 15th FEB 2003? series galway events 11-25th feb

11/02/2008 - 00:00
27/02/2008 - 00:21


For the next 3 weeks swp, GALWAY ALLIANCE AGAINST WAR and eco-soc will jointly be showing a series of films to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the first ever global demonstration, which occurred on 15th February 2003 before the start of the war in Iraq. The demo was Ireland's largest ever and thus a very significant event.

*Monday 11th February at 7pm in the Dillon Theatre, NUI Galway concourse.
The Iron Wall
Documentary about the wall being built by the Israelis around Palestine.

It now looks as though Treasa Ni Cheanabhain , who is under house arrest on the gaza/Egypt rafah border will not be home in Galway in time to address meeting- but she sent through a message and our best wishes are with her. We will be planning action to highlight the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza, so please attend.

*Mon. 18th FEB will be a showing of a series of shorts on Iraq from many different angles e.g. trade unions, women's groups etc.
This will take place in Galway city centre; venue/time TBC.

*MON 25th Feb., in the Dillon theatre NUIG, in conjunction with the Human Rights Society, as part of "Global Rights Awareness Week Events" will be a screening of
"The Road to Guantanamo" addressed by Rhuhal Ahmed, one of the abducted men FEATURED in the documentary.

There will be speakers or opportunity for discussion at each of the films. 

contact: gaaw1@eircom.net