Shannon Vigil, Sunday 9th September 2pm - 3pm

Shannon - usual location (meet at small roundabout before airport entrance)
The ongoing peaceful protest against the military misuse of Shannon Airport continues on Sunday 9th September at 2pm.
With the threat of war against Iran still looming, there is a grave danger that Shannon and Ireland will be bullied or brainwashed into supporting another illegal invasion. The consequences of such a war would be catastrophic - just as they were for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Meanwhile August saw three US K35 mid-air refueling tankers land at Shannon, with another on September 1st. The airport is clearly being retained as a US military base, despite the fact that troop numbers are down in recent months.
Join us on Sunday 9th to demand an end to this misuse of our civilian airport.
For more information see or phone 087 8225087