Support Raytheon 9, May 27. bus to Belfast will depart 7am from Royal Dublin Hotel €10 return

27/05/2008 - 07:00

Picture of portesters The Raytheon 9 will appear in court in Belfast on 27 May. The Irish Anti War Movement is organising a bus to go to Belfast  to support these antiwar activists. 

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The campaign will be bringing witnesses from Lebanon and will be using their trial to highlight the real criminality- Israeli aggression in Lebanon and Palestine and the arms manufacturers that benefits from this aggression.
The trial has been moved to Belfast because the Prosecution Service applied to have it moved; it argued that the Derry jury pool is likely to know too much about the campaign against Raytheon, including the non-violent direct action taken on 9th August 2006 and that any jury from Derry might be too sympathetic to the action and/or intimidated by the level of support for the Raytheon 9 because of all the protests held outside the courthouse over the almost two years since the nine were arrested.
We have to make sure there is a big, vibrant and noisy crowd at the courthouse on the 19th so join the bus to Belfast!!!

The background: In August 2006 following a public meeting hosted by The Derry Anti War Coalition, at which Joshua Casteel, former Abu Ghraib interrogator was speaking, a decision was made by all present, to take action.
At the same time Israel was attacking Lebanon, killing thousands and injuring more.
There was a protest at the Raytheon factory in Derry and 9 activists from the DAWC managed to get in, occupy and close down the factory in Derry.
Raytheon is one of the largest arms manufacturers in the world. It supplies guidance systems for many of the missiles and bombs used by US and Israeli forces. In 2006 Raytheon systems guided the Qana bomb to the bunker where it blasted and crushed at least 51 people to death.
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