Get The Bus To Demo Against Bush In Belfast

16/06/2008 - 10:00

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As US and British warmongering continues Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness have invited George W Bush to Belfast where he will no doubt be speaking about peace and reconciliation.

This hypocrisy is astounding when you consider that the situation in Iraq is worsening with over a million dead, 4 million displaced and according to CNN almost a third of all Iraqi children are suffering from malnutrition and nearly three quarters of Iraqi civilians do not have access to clean water. In Afghanistan the struggle of the US to maintain control against fierce resistance has seen thousands killed. And Iran is now being cited as a new threat to Bush’s warped notion of democracy. Just last week John Bolton, a former member of Bush’s inner circle, stated that the US should bomb Iran to ensure victory in Iraq.

Independent journalist Patrick Cockburn has revealed that Bush is planning to get the Iraqi government to rush through a law making the US occupation permanent.

A secret treaty – known as the Status of Forces Agreement-will see the introduction of a new law which will see US troops occupying permanent bases, conducting military operations, arresting Iraqis and enjoying immunity for any crimes they commit. Also included in the treaty is the right for the US to launch wars on “third countries” from Iraqi soil.

Thousands of Iraqis took to the streets last week as the provisions in the “accords” were leaked to the Arabic ­newspaper Al-Hayat.

In the run up to the invasion the US and British talked about bringing democracy to the Middle East and while many saw this for the lie that it was now there’s no hiding the real plan for military domination of the region.

War criminal George W Bush should be brought to a war crimes tribunal and held accountable for an illegal war.

He is not welcome here and we have to say this loud and clear in Belfast on June 16th.

The Irish Anti War Movement is sending a bus to Belfast on the 16th. It will depart at 10am from outside the Hugh Lane Gallery on Parnell St.

For further info contact 087 2886646

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