demonstration at gormley and boyle fundraiser

The Green Party will hold a fundraiser in the Galway Radisson friday evening, 27th June 2008. VIP guests are Minister John Gormley and Senator Dan Boyle.
SWP Galway are calling a demonstration outside the hotel before the event.
Galway Alliance Against War has decided to seek volunteers for the People Inspection Teams from those attending this event (people willing to volunteer to search aircraft at Shannon airport to check for abducted persons).
If you able to join in we would ask that you arrive at the Radisson hotel at 7.15pm. If you have a placard/clipboard bring it along. And those with orange suits - any self-respecting peace activist should have at least one of these in her/his wardrobe - please wear them. Also, please pass this information on to your friends (if you have any) or associates and ask them to attend as well.
Minister Gormley deserves a warm reception from ourselves, considering how often we have all stood and listened to him decry the Irish government for allowing the US war machine to use Shannon Airport.
dette mc loughlin, swp galway
niall farrell, galway alliance against war