Become Forum Moderator

31/10/2007 - 00:00
31/10/2007 - 23:59

The Irish Anti-War Movement is looking for volunteers to moderate the Forum, which will be set-up once we have enough moderators to manage it. 

The Moderatos will have the following duties:

  • Give at least 2 hours commitment a week. 
  • Have some IT knowledge.
  • Communicate with the Webmaster in respect to the forum.
  • Have a willingness to take decisions on content posted to the forum.
  • Enforce the Irish Anti War Movement policy with regard to the Forum.
  • All Moderators will be accountable to the Webmaster and steering committee.

Irish Anti-War Movement Forum Policy:

  • Posts have to be relevant.
  • Trolls (i.e. posters who simply want to stir it up) will be barred.
  • This is an anti-war site - pro-war posts will be limited in number.
  • No pro-war News Items.
  • Relentless posting of the same idea pro or anti will be removed.
  • In general the forum is there to learn and exchange ideas and to make progress - posters who achieve none of these goals should be removed. 
  • Racist posts will be deleted.


Anyone who wishes to become a moderator should follow the sign-up link below. (if the link is not visible you have to log-in)

When applying please include a contact number.


Note: A list of moderators will be available on this web site under the contacts link (their names not their contact details).  All moderators are accountable both to the steering committee and the membership of the Irish Anti-War Movement.  In the interests of accountability nobody can be an anonymous moderator.