National Demo in Dublin - Sat 3rd Jan - Central Bank - Free Gaza: Stop the Slaughter! End the Siege!

03/01/2009 - 13:00

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign & the Irish Anti-War Movement have called a National Demonstration in solidarity with Gaza for this Saturday 3rd January. The protest will begin with speeches at 1pm at the Central Bank Plaza, we will then march to the Dail (Kildare Street), the EU Offices (Molesworth Street), and finish up with a rally at the Spire on O'Connell Street - which will feature a live phone-link to Gaza. The slogan we will be moibilising around is simple "Free Gaza: Stop the Slaughter! End the Siege!"

The death toll in Gaza now stands at over 360 with countless more injuries, and the Israeli Government has vowed "long weeks of action" in the area, with the likelihood of of a full ground invasion. We in Ireland must take action to oppose the ongoing brutal assault on a defenceless people - the IPSC is calling on all political parties, civil society groups, trade unions, and ordinary people to build and mobilise for Saturday's demo.

Details of Galway Protest

Details of Cork Protest


Furthermore, on Tuesday morning, it is reported that an Israeli patrol boat rammed the Free Gaza Movement boat the SS Dignity which was bringing three tons of medical aid and medical experts to Gaza. The boat - flying the flag of Gibraltar - was in international waters and, according to a CNN journalist that was aboard, it was rammed without warning. The boat began taking on water, and is now slowly making its way to the safety of Lebanon.

What you can do:

1. Encourage as many members of your political organisation, trade union, civil society or community group etc as possible to attend.

2. Encourage your friends and family to come along.

3. Advertise the demo on your website, mailing list(s), social networking sites, internet forums or any other online outlets. (see below for info on how to advertise it on social networking sites - a web banner is also attached for display on websites).

4. If you work or have contacts in the media, please try to use your influence to advertise the demo via any medium. The IPSC can provide interviewees if needed.

5. Print out and distribute the poster attached to this posting. Or display it in your window, car, work noticeboard etc.


Info for social networking sites:

Facebook: Add a status update such as "[User] is urging everyone to attend the National IPSC Gaza Demo in Dublin on Sat 3rd Jan - Stop the Slaughter!"

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Go to and invite your Facebook friends.

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Please Note: There will also be an IPSC protest in Cork on Saturday, see here for details: