Mass Blockade of Raytheon in Derry for Friday 9th Jan 7am

09/01/2009 - 00:00
As you will know, the jury at the trial of the Raytheon 9 accepted that Raytheon's Derry plant was linked to the rest of the company's international operations, and therefore contributing to the war crimes being carried out by the Israeli's in Lebanon in Summer 2006. Today, those war crimes are being surpassed by the barbarity we see being perpetrated by the Israelis in the Gaza Strip. Unfortunately, Raytheon remains in Derry, contributing to those war crimes.
Therefore, the Derry Anti War Coalition is calling a mass blockade of Raytheon in Derry for Friday 9th Jan. We intend to let no one into the building to start any work. It will, of course, be non-violent. We are calling on anti-war and anti-arms trade activists from around Ireland to come and join us. An Ulsterbus leaves Busaras in Dublin at 4am which would get people to Derry about 7.15am and Raytheon is just a £3 taxi drive from there (and all the taxi drivers know where it is). If people want to travel the night before we will do our best to put everyone up (bring sleeping bags).
Please send this call out on your networks asap.
Goretti Horgan