Kerry The Square Tralee Stop the Slaughter in Gaza 11:30am

Stop the Slaughter in Gaza! A demonstration in support of the Palestinian people will take place in The Square, Tralee, Saturday 10th Jan @ 11.30am

What is happening in Gaza is nothing less than collective punishment of a civilian population.

Israel is saying: \"This is what you get when you support Hamas\"

This is Israel flexing its military might after its previous humiliation in Lebanon, re-establishing itself as the biggest bully on the block.

This is Israel pretending to be involved in a pretended \"War on Terror\".

This is part of a new process of making Arabs and Muslims into \"The New Jews\" of the World, a scapegoat population to be demonised and destroyed. These are the people its supposed to be OK to hate.

This is illegal and immoral.

This is madness.

"Stop The Slaughter in Gaza!"
Assemble: The Square, Tralee
Date: Saturday 10th Jan @ 11.30am