BOYCOTT ISRAEL DAY Meet 2pm at the Central Bank

17/01/2009 - 14:00

The slaughter in Gaza – with over 500 women men and children  dead and many more injured – has shown up the brutal, racist nature of the state of Israel. Just like the apartheid regime in the past, Israel has instigated such terror and injustice that it must be isolated internationally. A mass campaign to boycott Israeli goods can make the point forcefully and allow everyone to participate.


Download Poster For Demo on 17-01-2009 At Central Bank Leaflet for Protest
Downlaod Poster for Demo and Put It Up  Download Leaflet for Demo and Read It





On Saturday January 17th a collective boycott of Israeli goods in supermarkets in Dublin city centre will take place. Israeli goods sold in Irish supermarkets are herbs, fruits (such  as Jaffa oranges) avocadoes, new potatoes, dried fruits – they are easily recognizable because they are marked Product of Israel on the shelves.

Rally at 2pm at the Central Bank after which city-centre supermarkets  which stock Israeli goods will be visited and the boycott of Israel goods publicized.

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