Will US Foreign Policy Change

29/01/2009 - 20:00
Date: Thursday January 29th
Time: 8.00pm
Location: Central Hotel, Exchequer St (off George’s St).

  • Dr Ghada Karmi - Palestinian Academic & Author
  • Julien Mercielle - UCD Academic & US Foreign Policy Expert
  • Robert Ballagh - Artist
  • Richard Boyd Barrett - Irish Anti-War Movement
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With the election of Barack Obama, the
bloody era of George W Bush has finally
come to an end - an era which began with
the launching of muderous wars in Afghhanistan
and Iraq and ended with the US backed
Israeli slaughter in Gaza.
Bush leaves behind a horrific legacy:
The US supported Iraeli assault on Gaza
has claimed the lives of over 1300 Palerstinians,
including more than 300 children and
more than 3000 people have been maimed
and injured. Schools, hospitals, civic buildings,
mosques and thousands of homes have
been bombed and the infrastructure of Gaza
is in ruins.
The US led invasion and occupation of
Afghinstan has resulted in up 27,000 deaths
and approxiamately 2 million Afghani’s remain
refugees. The US alone is spendng $16
billion per month on the war in Afghanistan.
The US led war in Iraq has left more than
one million Iraqi’s dead, and four million
have been driven from their homes. Iraqi society
and infrastructure has been devastated
and over $590 billion has been spent on the
With US support, Israel killed over 1000
people in Lebanon during its invasion of 2006
and devastated much of the country.
A US backed invasion of Somalia by Ethiopia
resulted in hundreds of deaths and over
one million people driven from their homes.
Under Bush the US has normalised a
global system of illegal kidnap (“rendition”)
andf torture and the denial of basic human
rights to prisoners of war.
Expansion by the US dominated NATO
military alliance has ignited a new cold war
with Russia in Central Europe – leading already
to one war in Georgia.
The world has been horrified by the
warmongering policies of the Bush administration.
The election of Barack Obama has
raised huge hopes across the globe that all
this will change.
However, Obama’s failure to condemn the
muderous Israeli attack on Gaza is a worrying
indicator for the future, as his suggestion
that the US led military offensive in Afghanistan
should be intensified.
Those who want to see and end to US
and Israeli led warmongering must not sit
back to see what the new US administration
does. The Irish Anti-War Movement believes
we must be pro-active in putting pressure on
both the US government, the EU and the Irish
government to ensure that war and military
occupations are taken fully off the International
We must build actively on the great expectations
of people across the world for change
to ensure that the wars and occupations in
Iraq and Afghanistan are finally ended and
that the people of Palestine, at last, receive
Come to this important public meeting to
discuss how we can achieve this on Thursday
January 29th at 8pm in the Central Hotel,
Exchequer St (off George’s St) in Dublin City
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