16/03/2009 - 19:30
16/03/2009 - 23:30

Proceeds to Irish Anti-War Movement & Irish Medical Aid for Palestine


 A night of theatre, poetry, songs & music

Performances by 

Christy Moore, Stephen Rea, Sinead Cusack, Roisin Elsafty, Mick Pyro [Republic of Loose], Judith Mok [Soprano], Joyce

& The Abbey Theatre presents Seven Jewish Children: A Play for Gaza by Caryl Churchill

March 16th Vicar Street.

Doors 7.30pm. Show begins 8pm.
Tickets €25 from Ticketmaster


On March 16th in Vicar St, The Irish Anti-War Movement is hosting Unoccupied Minds in solidarity with the people of Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan  - to raise awareness about the impact of war and military occupation on these long-suffering peoples.

The event is being undertaken with the support of  prominent musicians and artists from an array of different backgrounds, including an exciting collaboration with The Abbey Theatre and their forthcoming production of Seven Jewish Children - A play for Gaza, recently written by leading English playwright, Caryl Churchill. 

Richard Boyd Barrett, chairperson of the Irish Anti-War Movement said: "The horrific reality of life under occupation was brought home to people across the world in the course of the recent murderous Israeli assault on Gaza. Although the media spotlight has, for the time being, moved elsewhere, for the people of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, the violence, suffering, humiliation and violation of basic human rights continues.

In Gaza, one of the most immediate needs is to bring medical aid to the thousands of innocent civilians – including hundreds of children – who were maimed and injured during the recent assault. The two year-long Israeli siege of the territory has crippled medical services, making medical aid an urgent priority.

We hope the funds raised at Unoccupied Minds for Irish Medical Aid for Palestine can contribute to alleviating the terrible suffering in Gaza. However, beyond the immediate crisis, there is also an urgent need to raise awareness and solidarity for the people of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan as they continue to struggle for justice, self-determination and an end to the occupation of their countries.

People in every part of the world have rightly welcomed the end of the reign of George W Bush and great hopes have accompanied the election of the new US President, Barack Obama. There is no doubt that revulsion against the bloody era of wars that we have experienced over the last eight years played a huge part in the election of President Obama. However, powerful forces remain, at the highest level, in both the US and other parts of the world, who seek to continue on the path of war and militarism.

The Irish Anti-War Movement believes ordinary people in this country and across the globe must continue to raise their voices against the foreign polices of powerful nations that seek to use war and occupation as a means to pursue their political objectives.

One of the most important ways we challenge militarism and the injustice of occupation is to remind people of the common humanity we share with the people of war-torn and occupied nations, particularly in the Arab and Muslim world, and to assert their entitlement to the same rights and freedoms that we expect for ourselves here in the west.

Unoccupied Minds brings together people from across the spectrum of arts and music in Ireland to express that sense of our shared humanity and solidarity with those who are struggling to free themselves from the blight of war and occupation. We hope people in Ireland will demonstrate their support for a world where militarism and occupation become things of the past by supporting this event."

For more info: Richard Boyd Barrett 087-6329511