Derry Anti-War Conference


The Derry Anti War Coalition is hosting an international conference on 14th October to highlight the continuing war crimes and human rights' violations being carried out by western governments in the Middle East and to assess the impact of these actions on democracy in the region. You could help by forwarding this email to any lists of which you are part.


As you will see from the agenda below, the Conference will be addressed by MPs from Iraq and Lebanon and by high-profile anti-war activists from Ireland and Britain.  There is no fee but, to help with catering, we would ask you to register your interest by emailing  or by telephoning 07771781958.



International Anti War Conference

Sunday, 14 October 2007

City Hotel Derry

1.00pm - 6.00pm


1.00 - 2.30         Imperialism, Resistance and Democracy in the Middle East

Speakers: Michel Smaha (Christian Lebanese MP); Mira Dabit (Palestinian activist); Colm Bryce (DAWC)



2.30 - 4.00                  Iraq: the case for withdrawal

Speakers: Dr. Qousai Abdulawahab (Iraqi MP); Eileen Webster (DAWC) and others


4 - 4.30               Coffee / Tea



4.30 - 6.00         Ireland's Role in the "War on Terror"

Speakers: Amnesty International; Eamonn McCann (DAWC); Green Party; Richard Boyd-Barrett (Irish Anti War Movement);




Plus film showings from Lebanon and Iraq