Picket outside the Israeli Embassy to support the Raytheon 9

22/11/2007 - 12:30
22/11/2007 - 14:00

The Raytheon 9 have gone on trial for a non-violent occupation of the Raytheon office
on 9th August 2006.  This occupation was carried out in the context of the Israeli attack
on Lebanon there is evidenced that Raytheon Guided Bomb Units were used in this attack
on Lebanon.

The picket will take place on Thursday 22nd November 2007 at the Israeli
embassy between 12:30 – 14:00.

The address of the Embassy is Pembroke Rd. Dublin 4

The following busses go to the Israeli embassy 18 4 63 8 84

Background Information

On 2nd July, Joshua Casteel of Iraqi Veterans Against War and Hani Lazim
of Iraqi Democrats against the Occupation spoke at a packed meeting of
the Derry Anti War Coalition. In the course of the meeting, over 70
people agreed that  DAWC needed to think of new ways of exposing
Derry's role in the arms trade. Raytheon is one of the largest
arms manufacturers in the world and, despite all the local parties
backing Raytheon's presence in the town, there is real anger at the
possibility that Derry contributed in the smallest way to massacres
in Lebanon and Gaza.

Following a further packed meeting on Monday 7th August, it was
agreed to take action against the presence of Raytheon, and their
complicity in the murderous Israeli bombardment of Lebanon and the
on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is some evidence, for
instance, that a Raytheon Guided Bomb Unit was used in the atrocity
in Qana.

Over 20 Derry Anti War Coalition members arrived at Raytheon’s
offices on Wednesday 9 August 2006.  When the opportunity to push
our way into the offices arose, most of us tried to get in.
The nine who are now known as the Raytheon 9 are those who succeeded.

The Raytheon 9 occupied and decommissioned the Derry Raytheon
office in our name. They were there on our behalf and we take full
responsibility for their actions. The Derry Anti-War Coalition
believes that it was legally and morally justified to engage in
non-violent direct action to highlight Raytheon’s role as war
profiteers and to call for the closure of its offices in Derry.
Derry Anti War Coalition is affiliated to the Irish Anti-War
Movement and the Stop the War Coalition in Britain, and sees
this action as an extension of the mass protests against war
which we have helped organise, and have participated in,
over recent years.

Web: http://www.raytheon9.org