Galway Alliance Against War To Meet Council Over "Militaristic Air Show"


GALWAY ALLIANCE AGAINST WAR  is to make an official presentation to Galway City Council s Corporate Policy Group on the 10th December outlining why we are against the Salthill Air Show receiving Council funding as long as warplanes, helicopter gunships and active combatants are part of the event.

The Galway peace group s spokesperson Niall Farrell says GAAW is looking forward to the opportunity to speak face to face with the councillors: We want to have a genuine engagement with the city councillors and explain how the presence of warplanes and the fighter pilots who fly them sanitises and glorifies war. We know there are strong views on both sides, but the only way this issue can be resolved is by sitting down and calmly discussing it. It is clear that there is growing disenchantment from all walks of life in the city and county with the growing militaristic nature of the air show.

Combined with that there are the serious safety concerns, plus the negative environmental impact of the show with its huge carbon emissions and dreadful noise pollution. A solution needs to be found.