Gathering of Women for the Sixth Year of the Women’s Peace Camp in Shannon

06/03/2010 - 14:00
07/03/2010 - 14:00

There will be a Gathering of Women At Shannon Airport For the sixth year of the Women’s peace camp.

This year the camp will be part of the international women's day celebrations and will be held from 2 pm on SAturday MARCH 6th, ending with an action-rally at 2pm Sunday March 7th.

(Children & Men are Welcome. Sorry, No Dogs.)

The camp will be set up adjacent to the small roundabout just before the airport entrance (gantry).

  • Drumming, Knitting, Storytelling, Patchwork-quilting.
  • A Spring Cleanout to use up all our Bits & Pieces, Shreds & Patches.

End Ireland’s complicity in the oppression of Afghan Women.

Dr Shinkai Zahin Karokhail, an Afghan woman MP, has addressed the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, urging members to press the Government and the EU to direct aid towards non-military and women’s organisations in Afghanistan.

Thousands of commercial planes carrying troops and military cargo for Afghanistan have passed and are still passing through Shannon. During one month alone, eighty-nine planes were recorded, an average of nearly three per day. Seven Irish soldiers are serving with the NATO forces in Afghanistan and are stated by the Irish government to be playing “a small but significant role” in the operations.

We are Involved We are Implicated in the Destruction

 "It is the policies of the big powers intervening and backing the most extreme elements in Afghanistan that have rolled back the rights of women … Our country has not been liberated. It is still under the warlords’ control and NATO occupation only reinforces their power … The men and women of Afghanistan are like pigeons who have been freed from Taliban cages, but whose wings have been cut off and who are in the claws of vampires who suck their blood. … As long as the subjugation of women persists, our society will not be able to take off and move forward … The Americans spend one hundred million dollars a day in Afghanistan for the war. International aid for reconstruction is seven million dollars a day, the vast majority of it falls into corrupt hands, never reaching those who need it." [Malalai Joya, Afghan MP, suspended from Parliament for her attacks on the warlords]

Women in Media & Entertainment / Galway Alliance against War  / Shannonwatch. For further info, contact or 091 565430