GALWAY Fundraiser for Progressive Women Groups in Afghanistan

Galway Alliance Against War (GAAW) does not believe the conflict in Afghanistan is a "good war".

GAAW will hold a fundraiser for progressive women groups in Afghanistan Woodquay's Rowing Club, Galway City Friday 5th March 9pm.  Admission to ceili/disco. contact

Last month Malalai Joya, a female Afghani MP, addressed a Galway audience by phone from the Afghan capitol and stated that although the US asserted to have occupied her country under the banner of women's rights and democracy this was untrue: "In fact they replaced the medieval regime of the Taliban with a brutal regime of the fundamentalist warlords of the Northern Alliance, who are as criminal, ignorant, anti-women and anti-democracy as the Taliban." Ms Joya and her colleagues risk life and limb on a daily basis to offer young girls an education. It has to be done in secret, as the ruling warlords, like the Taliban, oppose schools for girls.