Galway Alliance Against War marks 7th anniversary of Iraq War

19/03/2010 - 18:15
21/03/2010 - 17:00

Galway Alliance Against War marks 7th anniversary of Iraq War - relaunch of Black Shamrock
Meet at the Wilde Statues, top of Shop Street, Galway city  at 6.15pm on Friday 19th March.

Friday 19th 2010 is the 7th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and the beginning of seven years of occupation and suffering for the country and its people. Recalling that the attack was based on lies about weapons of mass destruction and links with Al-Qaeda, the number of Iraqis slaughtered since the U.S.forces invaded currently stands at 1,366,350. Approximately 15% of the population are still displaced from their homes. Public health, electricity, sanitation and water services are inadequate. The country is a very dangerous place to live.

Galway Alliance Against War will mark this terrible anniversary by re-launching the black shamrock badge. The peace group will unfurl a large image of the black shamrock in Galway city centre on Friday with  information leaflets available on the Irish government's collaborative role in the War Of Terror. There will also be black shamrock badges available, designed as a way of visibly declaring opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the wars now encroaching on Pakistan. The Black Shamrock badges have been spotted in many countries and across the continents.  

The black shamrock mourns the death of Irish neutality, and all those who have died as a result of Ireland's accomplicit role in the war.
Every week around 5,000 US troops make their way through Shannon "civilian" airport on their way to or from these war zones. Artillery, munitions and even chemical weapons are transported through, with scant regard for safety in the surrounding areas and flight paths.
An epidemic of birth defects has recently been reported in the Iraqi city of Fallujah. After initial denial of white phosphorus usage in the offence during 2004, the US establishment later admitted using the chemical weapon. The chemical is suggested to be linked to the increasing amount of birth defects in Fallujah.
CIA jets involved in the extraordinary rendition programme are known to have used Shannon airport. However, not one plane has ever been searched to establish if torture victims are on board - apparently because this may appear as an "unfriendly" act to the USA. Despite Green Party assurances, the rendition programme continues even though there has been a change of government in the States.

GAAW are calling upon all citizens to demonstrate support and solidarity with the people of Iraq  and to join the Black Shamrock campaign against Ireland's participation in the war.  
Meet at the Wilde Statues, top of Shop Street at 6.15pm on Friday 19th March.

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