Shannon Watch Vigil 2 - 3pm Shannon Airport

11/04/2010 - 14:00
12/04/2010 - 00:57

Shannon Watch VigilOpposing war and human rights abuse at Shannon Airport

Regular monthly vigil from 2 - 3pm, Sunday April 11th. Gather as usual just before the airport entrance (at the small roundabout).

On St Patrick's Day, President Barrack Obama thanked the Irish Government for allowing US troops to stop off at Shannon Airport on their way to and from Iraq and Afghanistan. But the extent of the US military use of Shannon has gone largely unnoticed by the Irish people. Unless a family member happens to be travelling through in the early morning - and this is becoming a rare occurrance, given the downturn in normal business at the airport - most people would not know about the hundreds of US troops that pass through every day.

A recent United Nations report said that Afghanistan’s weak central government is characterized by patronage, corruption and impunity that has hindered economic development and contributed to increased poverty. This, added to the daily suffering and death of innocent men, women and children, is what President Obama thanked us for supporting.

The monthly vigils at Shannon continue to draw attention to this outrage. Irish involvement in wars that were started illegally and are certain to have no positive outcomes must be opposed and ended. And Irish involvement in renditions must be investigated.

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