Derail Israeli Apartheid: IPSC Solidarity Demo with Anti-Veolia Motion in Dublin City Council

12/04/2010 - 18:00
12/04/2010 - 19:00

The IPSC in Dublin will be staging a solidarity demonstration with the anti-Veolia motion being put before Dublin City Council that evening. The demo will start at 6pm outside City Hall, Dame Street, Dublin 2 on the evening of Monday 12th April. The full text of the motion is below, as well as details about Veolia's ongoing complicity with Israeli Apartheid.

Derail Israeli Apartheid

Derail Israeli Apartheid

Please come along for an hour and show your support for this motion, which if passed, will represent a European Capital City saying 'No' to complicity with Israeli Apartheid against the Palestinian people, and joining in the chorus of international defeats Veolia has recently suffered because of its involement in cementing Israeli Apartheid.

The Anti-VeoliaMotion Joan Collins and People Before Profit put a Motion down for the Council meeting on Monday 12th April - we are asking our supporters to please contact all Councillors on Dublin City Council and urge them to support the following motion.

Dublin City Council recognising

1. That Veolia is a leading partner in the consortium contracted to build a light railway system linking Israel to illegal settlements in occupied East Jerusalem
2. That the Irish government and the U.N does not recognise Israel’s annexation and occupation of East Jerusalem and have repeatedly stated their views that the Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank contravene international law
3. That Veolia’s involvement in the project is in contravention of the UN’s stated demand that Israeli settlement activities and occupation should not be supported;
This Council calls on the City Manager not to sign any new or renew any existing contracts with Veolia as it would be in contravention of the wishes of this council. Galway and Sligo city/county councils have supported similar motions.

Cllr Joan Collins

All email addresses of Dublin City Councillors Can be found here:

Veolias illegal operations in occupied Palestine

Jerusalem Light rail

In 2003, Veolia won a $500 million contract to build and maintain a light railway that will run across the city of Jerusalem, including occupied East Jerusalem and the illegal settlement in the West Bank. The light railway project violates international law, not only because it is built on occupied Palestinian land, but also because it is an extension of Israel's illegal settlement enterprise and the Apartheid Wall. Through its subsidiary Connex, in Israel, it is one of the companies in the CityPass consortium, contracted to operate the light rail project in Jerusalem. The project plays a key role in sustaining the illegal settlements and ensuring they became a permanent fixture upon Palestinian land, while at the same time maintaining a system of Apartheid that isolates Palestinians and limits their mobility.

Tovlan Landfill in occupied West bank

Through its subsidiary Veolia Environmental Services, it also owns and operates the Tovlan Landfill in the occupied
Jordan Valley, using captured Palestinian land and resources for the needs of the illegal Israeli settlements.

Bus services to the illegal settlements

Veolia's subsidiary, Connex, also operates regular bus services to Israeli settlements in the West Bank, including Beit Horon and Givat Ze'ev along road 443, which is an apartheid road. Palestinians are not allowed to travel on these buses or on these roads in their own occupied country.

Why are Veolia's operations illegal under international humanitarian law, human rights law and UN Norms?

The Irish Government and the United Nations do not recognise Israel’s annexation and occupation of East Jerusalem and have repeatedly stated their views that the Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank contravene international law and numerous UN resolutions.

United Nations Universal Declaration of Human rights

Due to the proximity of Veolia's operation in occupied Palestine they are clearly in breach of several articles of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The ongoing occupation of Palestine is in contrary to Articles 2, 3 which states that everyone is entitled to the right to life, liberty and security of person and that no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, juridical or international status of the country to which a person belongs. Article 17 confirms the right to own property and it cannot be arbitrarily deprived of their property. Article 13 confirms the right of freedom of movement within their country, the right to leave and the right to return. Article 25 confirms the right to enjoy a standard of living adequate for the health and well being of himself and family.

The Fourth Geneva Convention

The settlements violate Article 49 of the 4th Geneva Convention, which provides that the Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies as well as Article 53, which forbids destruction of property. Articles 146, 147 refer to 'Grave breaches' of the Convention amounting to war crimes as they involve appropriation of Palestinian property not justified by military necessity.

These grave breaches are being facilitated by Veolia’s participation in the construction and future of the tramway serving the settlements. In addition the tramway will discriminate against Palestinians as they will not be allowed to travel on it. This discrimination is no different to the apartheid South African 'whites only' system of discrimination.

International Court of Justice

The ICJ ruled in 2004 that the apartheid wall was illegal as they considered it to be an attempt by Israel to annexe Palestinian territory contrary to International Law and that it interfered with the right of Palestinians to self determination system. The ruling is quite clear that all states are obliged to ensure compliance by Israel of UN Charters and International Law. Veolia, too, are obliged to abide by these laws and charters and should not be to rendering aid or assistance in maintaining the situation created by the wall nor should it be profiting from the ongoing human rights abuses of the Palestinian people.

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