[Nakba Week] Protest: No to Irish Defence Forces Buying Israeli Bullets (Ennis, Co. Clare)

11/05/2010 - 15:15

The IPSC will be staging a protest at the constituency office of Defence Minister Tony Killeen in Ennis, Co. Clare, calling on the Irish Government not to consider the granting of a contract an Irish Defence Forces contract for bullets to Israel Military Industries.

Assemble at the fountain near Tony Killeen's office on Harmony Row at 3.15pm on Tuesday 11th May.


The recent revelation that the Irish Government is considering purchasing millions of euros worth of bullets from Israel Military Industries is deeply shocking.

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign finds it completely inappropriate that the Irish State would purchase weapons from a company that is intimately linked to the Israeli armed forces and one that supplies the means by which the war crimes documented by the Goldstone Report can be committed. Furthermore, we feel that at a time when Israel is facing unprecedented criticism for its continued defiance of international law, such a purchase of arms would send entirely the wrong message to the Israeli state and the international community.

We will also be collecting signatures for our petition.

For more info about the Israeli bullets fiasco, please see this link: http://www.ipsc.ie/bullets

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