How To Use This Site



Creating A New Account

To create a new account you must use on the Create new account option on the left hand side menu. The only two fields which have to be filled in here are username and e-mail address.  The other contact details are optional however they are very useful when we need to contact our members.  When you have filled in the appropriate fields click the Create new Account button.  This will set-up the account. 


Posting Content

Once logged in you may post two types of content. Stories which are News Stores and Events.  

  • To post a story click on the Create Content link on the left hand side menu.
  • Click the Story link which appears below it.

All stories need a Title and the story itself will go in the body box. 

There is a very powerful editor on this web site which allows you to put in very nicely formatted text and even images.


Once your news story has been posted it will be available to anyone who clicks on the News link at the top of the web site.


A user may edit the own news story, however the ability to comment on news items has been disabled.


To post an Event the process is exactly the same as posting a story except that you click on the event link and a start and end date must be entered for the event. Once the event is saved it will appear in the calendar.  And it may be viewed by clicking the Events link at the top of the page.


Uploading Images

To upload images on the web site do the following:


  1. Click on the Insert/Edit image button on the Editor menu (it is circled in read on the image below).  A dialog box will appear.
  2. Click on the Browse Server button a second dialog box will appear.
  3. At the bottom of this dialog box there is a Browse button.
  4. This will allow you to search your hard drive for images.
  5. Once an image has been chosen click on the Upload Image button.
  6. It may take a few minutes for the image uploads but once it does click on the Add option on the right hand side of the screen.  Look at Figure 1.2 for details.

 Figure 1.1


Figure 1.2

Known Errors

Internet Explorer sometimes has problems opening pages when creating content (Stories or Events). The Error message “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site” sometimes appears the easiest way to fix this is to press the F5 key or to click the refresh button. 

 Figure 1.3

Internet Explorer Error Message



The Differences Between The New And Old Sites

The new and old sites differ in a number of ways:


  1. Only the Administrator or the creator of a story or event can alter it or add to it.  This change is necessary as very often news items and events became a discussions which they are not intended to be. 
  2. The Forum has been temporarily disabled until we can get enough volunteers to moderate it.
  3. The search functionality has been greatly improved. 
  4. It is no longer possible for anyone to add links to the site.  The links section of the old site became unusable because of this feature.
  5. A Gallery and Archive have been added these contain most of the content of the old site.
  6. Users may now sign-up for events this means that we can get a much better picture of the level of interest in an event.


If fruther help is required then contact with the following subject line "New IAWM Web Site Help Request".