Flotilla of Songs - Irish Anti-War Movement Fundraising Gig

21/07/2010 - 19:30
21/07/2010 - 22:30

Poster Flotilla of Songs

Flotilla of Songs

Irish Anti-War Movement Fundraising Gig
Date: Wednesday 21 Jul 2010
Time: 7:30PM
Venue: Sweeney Mongrels (Le Cirk), Dame Street, Dublin 2
Tickets: €5
Info: 087-7919307
Joyce and the Sonic Gypsies | Diarmuid McKenna

IAWM has been campaigning at various platforms against the wars, illegal military occupations and the horrific consequences of these to people in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine.
Since the Israeli attack in December 2009, which killed over 1400,  the people of Gaza have been suffering the worst conditions ever. Israel’s continuous siege of Gaza and blockade of  humanitarian aid makes even the basic necessities such as school material for children, medical supplies etc an impossibility...
International outcry against the illegal blockade has lead many organisations around the world to organise civilian flotillas to break the blockade and deliver humanitarian
aid to the people of Gaza. Civilians on the flotilla were attacked by the armed Israeli commandos and 9 people were killed on international waters. Aid campaigners were illegally  arrested and deported by Israel.. As Israel breaks international law, the suffering of the people of GAZA continues...
As well as campaigns, protests, IAWM has been organising public meetings, day schools to bring prominent speakers and activists to the anti-war audiences in Ireland. Each campaign demands the efforts of our voluntary activists but also requires funding for posters, meeting rooms, printing leaflets and other materials. Irish Anti-War will continue to oppose wars,  occupation and destructions of lives of thousands in the middle-east and beyond.
We have organised a fundraising event with 2 brilliant bands playing on the night. We hope to see many of our members, activists and supporters to help raise much needed funds for the campaigns ahead.
Joyce and the Sonic Gypsies, an 8-piece band performing their own song of “Ethnic Dance Music with a conscious...” Influences from Istanbul to New York... The band formally got together as part of the touring/recording project called “We are all flesh and blood”. The latest album (of previous 4) “The Bosphorus” was recorded in Turkey with musicians / percussionists from Istanbul, Izmir and Middle-East. www.myspace.com/joyceandthesonicgypsies <http://www.myspace.com/joyceandthesonicgypsies>
Diarmuid McKenna, Electronic folk singer-songwriter. His music has a wide range of influences and styles, and his voice can only be described as truthfully unique. Recent songs include A new National Anthem and an ode to Ricky Roma www.myspace.com/dermotmckenna <http://www.myspace.com/dermotmckenna