stop the mass murderer Tony Blair coming to Ireland

26/08/2010 - 00:00
05/09/2010 - 18:53

The Galway Alliance Against War has written to progressive organisations throughout the country asking them to become involved in the campaign to stop the mass murderer Tony Blair coming to Ireland to kick off the world promotion of his memoir. On the 4th September Blair is to conduct a book-signing in Eason’s O’Connell St Dublin from 11am-1pm. And the previous evening he is due to appear on RTE’s Late Late Show.


GAAW intends to begin picketing the local Branch of Eason’s in Galway from this Thursday lunchtime in protest and is asking other groups around the country to hold protests outside Eason’s stores.


The Galway Alliance Against War is of the view that Eason’s and RTE can be forced to rescind their invitations to this man who is directly responsible for the deaths of more than 1.3 million Iraqis. The group is urging organisations and individuals to contact local store managers of Eason’s and the company’s headquarters to voice their objections (please see below for contact details). Similarly protests should be made to RTE. If Eason’s refuses to withdraw the invitation to the Butcher Blair then GAAW believes the daily protests should culminate in a national protest around Eason’s on O’Connell St from 9am onwards on the 4th September. And unless Blair’s appearance on the Late Late Show is cancelled there should be protests at RTE’s HQ on September 3rd.


GAAW is of the view that if Blair does come to Ireland then it should be the aim of all progressive groups to attempt a citizen’s arrest of this war criminal. Please note there is a bounty on this mass murderer’s head: please visit www.arrestblair.og for more information. 


Here follows letter to progressive groups in Ireland:


A chara,

On Saturday 4th September the war criminal Tony Blair is to kick off the world promotion of his self-serving memoir with a book-signing in Eason’s on O Connell Street, Dublin. The evening before he will be a guest on RTE s Late Late Show .

The Galway Alliance Against War believes it is essential that all progressive groups come together to force Eason s to reconsider hosting this mass murderer.

Our goal should be to make Eason’s and RTE reconsider their position and rescind their respective invites.

We are proposing that from next Thursday, 26th August, there should be protests – irrespective of what size - outside Eason’s shops throughout the country, making it clear that this invite to a person, who is directly responsible for the deaths of over a million innocent Iraqis, is deeply repulsive.

In addition, as many people as possible should contact Eason’s:
by emailing the following:;; . Emails to these addresses will reach the movers and shakers in Eason’s.
If you are on Facebook post your objections on the “Eason Book club” page.

Also, emails opposing RTE’s invite to Blair should be sent to .

It is our understanding that the Gardaí are already concerned about security aspects of Blair’s “visit” and have warned that the book-signing will have to be cancelled if “trouble” is anticipated. It would therefore be very useful if as many press statements and letters were sent to the media expressing opposition to this monster coming to Ireland.

Tony Blair should be before the International Court of Justice in the Hague charged with war crimes, not touring the world promoting his autobiography. However, rather than arrest this man, the Irish authorities are proposing to spend large sums of taxpayers’ money on security so that Blair can promote himself and his book.

If we fail to prevent Blair’s visit then we should proceed to Plan B: the daily lunchtime protests should culminate in a national demonstration on 4th September outside Eason’s on O Connell Street Dublin. It is important that people assemble from 9am onwards, as Blair is due to arrive between 10 - 11am. The mass murderer will be signing books from 11am till 1pm and then will be leaving the building.

We would suggest that there should be a protest from 7.30pm on 3rd September at RTE s Dublin HQ.

An important element of Plan B would be to carry out a peaceful citizen s arrest of the mass murderer Blair. You are probably already aware of the website: - we believe the rules and guidelines set out on this website is the modus operandi we should strictly follow. It is worth noting that has put a bounty on this war criminal s head.

We are suggesting that each group forms its own arrest Blair committee. What might prove useful is the following link to apply for tickets to the Late Late Show on 3rd September: .
Naturally, we are open to other peaceful proposals to stop Blair coming to Ireland.
If you are willing to participate in this action, please reply as soon as possible, so that we can coordinate activities amongst the different groups in each town.
Yours in Peace,
 GAAW Convenor