Please take 2 mins to call Eason O'connell Street to object to Murderer Tony Blair's book-signing

27/08/2010 - 13:00

Can everyone please take 2 minutes to call Eason shop in O'connell Street, Dublin to object to Mass Murderer Tony Blair's book-signing.

You can leave a message fao Martin Black (manager) with the person who answers, or ask to speak to the manager direct.
Apparently some staff are not happy with the signing!

The activists in Dublin are doing a great job outside the shop late every afternoon, with a book of condolences for the victims of Blair's lies, and  a megaphone which can be heard throughout the store.

The shop manager was on the shop floor yesterday, and he is the one that wants this signing to go ahead.

Phone once, twice or everyday!

phone no: 01 8583800