26/06/2013 - 13:00
26/06/2013 - 14:00

Wednesday 26th of June is International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. The force feeding of Guantanamo Bay detainees on hunger strike has been declared by the UN human rights commission as a form of torture. Shaker Aamer, the last UK detainees recently told of the guards using metal tipped feeding tubes in order to induce vomiting in an effort to break the strike. Show solidarity to the victims of this inhumane treatment and let the Irish government know that their complicity in this torture is unacceptable.

Public Debate: NATO or Neutrality



23/05/2013 - 13:00
23/05/2013 - 14:00

Come along to the IAWM Protest at 1.00pm this Thursday 23 May at Dáil Eireann and make your voice heard.

Send a clear message to the Irish Government that we want these prisoners released and that the Guantanamo Bay detention centre should be closed for good.

Public Debate: NATO or Neutrality - Tues 14/5/2013 7:30PM Wynns Hotel Dublin

14/05/2013 - 19:30
14/05/2013 - 21:00

 Hosted by Irish Anti-War Movement, Sinn Féin, Socialist Party, People Before Profit Alliance, Peace & Neutrality Alliance


Tues 14th May 2013 7:30PM

Wynns Hotell


Chaired by:
Tom Clonan (Irish Times)

Speakers will include:
Richard Boyd Barrett TD, PBPA
Joe Higgins TD, SP
Padraig Mac Loclainn TD, SF
Dr. Bruno Tertrais, Fondation Recherche Strategiuqe, Paris
and more to be confimed.

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Annual General Meeting (AGM) - 2 PM Sat 20th April 2013 - The Teachers Club Dublin

20/04/2013 - 14:00

The Irish Anti-War Movement will hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 20th April 2013 in The Club Parnell Square Dublin starting at 2pm. For details of who can attend and submit resolutions at the AGM see below. A full agenda will be available soon.



This will be available shortly.


Who can Attend and Vote at The AGM

  1. All members may attend the annual general meeting provided that the current membership fee has been paid in advance of the meeting. All affiliates may send one delegate to the annual general meeting provided that the current affiliation fee has been paid in advance of the meeting.
  2. All members and delegates have one vote each at annual general meeting.
  3. A decision of annual general meeting of the IAWM is binding on the steering committee (SC) and overrides any previous decisions. This constitution may only be amended by annual general meeting. However, amendments to this constitution may be made by the next quarterly delegate meeting held after the annual general meeting of 08 May 2004, which adopted this constitution.
  4. A steering committee shall be elected at each AGM.
  5. Draft resolutions and nominations for the steering committee should be submitted to the Secretary at least 14 days beforehand. The secretary shall publish draft resolutions at least 7 days beforehand.


Submitting Resolutions

Resolutions may be submitted in the following ways:

  1. By E-mail:- To the secretary via e-mail

How the Iraq war compares to the worst horrors in world history - David Swnson 180313

How the Iraq war compares to the worst horrors in world history

If instead of spending five trillion dollars destroying Iraq, the United States had chosen to do good with it, at home or abroad, just imagine the possibilities.

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